UI/UX Designer

As a freelance UI/UX design vendor for Disney, I worked for 2 years supporting the Disney Cruise reservation app. Users can book their complete trip using this tool, including excursions, dining, all activities, and pre-boarding documentation. Making this experience easy for travelers was critical for this project. I worked with a team of art directors, UX experts, and project managers across the country. Each year we would meet for 1 to 2 weeks for face-to-face creative brainstorming sessions.

The redesign of this app, the addition of major functional enhancements, and providing the best user experience for travelers was our focus. The process included wireframes, user testing, collaboration with various business stakeholders, and creatives. Iterative design and extreme attention to every pixel of design.

My responsibility included the landing page design, the layout and design of flip cards, providing assets (graphics and photos) for pages, fine-tuning layouts across all sections of the app, prototypes, annotations, documentation, and overall collaboration on the creative team when making UX decisions. 

 The MyVerizon mobile app allows customers to manager their account including billing, plans, data, shopping, devices, etc.

The redesign of the International section was prompted by user feedback requiring us to analyze the user experience for adding and managing international travel and calling plans. Our goal was to make it easier for users to understand the various plans, make the best choice, and do it all on the mobile app.

As the UX design manager, I manage a team of UX designers. We focus on usability enhancements for the app based on customer feedback. I solve UX problems, and design user flows that make it easier for our customers to do what they need to do. This involves iterative design, working with business partners, user testing, and working closely with the development teams. I facilitated best practices for the UX, solved for complex experiences for a wide range of scenarios, plans, countries and combinations, managed user testing, incorporated feedback, and strategized on how to make improvements.  This has ultimately reduced our call-in rates.

The Verizon Community app is a place where users can ask questions, seek information, read hot topics, share with other users, and answer questions to help others.

As the UX designer on this mobile app project, I worked with business teams to understand the goals, created personas, workflows, wireframes and designs.

This was a concept that I created as an exploration of future Verizon services. I met with stakeholders, developers, and executives to understand the goals. I create wireframes, flow diagrams, low-fidelity mock-ups (shown here) and prototypes.

This complex app allows engineers to manage cyber threat vulnerabilities. My task was to understand the system, how the engineers used it, what their pain points where, how to improve the flow and usability and include all the functionality across multiple systems and teams.

I employed user-centric design principles to create innovative UX and UI design solutions for complex design problems. I also conducted research by interviewing users, stakeholders, SMEs and others; captured design requirements; and identified key design problems. I developed personas and defined interaction patterns and standards.

This FireEye customer portal managed threat data, reports, and subscriptions. Depending on the user's subscription level, they would have access to critical threat data and reports. 

The challenge with this project was organizing the information in an easy-to-understand way, while allowing the developers to manage subscriptions and easily publish data into report templates.

 Intelsat's MyIntelsat portal is where customers can view their services, invoices and service tickets. They can manage antennas, transmission plans and contacts. And they can access capacity, coverage maps, satellite configuration, training and more.

The redesign involved understanding antenna technology; solving complex interaction problems with simplistic approaches; and illustrating solutions with user flows, wireframes, and visual mockups. I created visual prototypes and screens that were used to explain UX and application flow to developers and project stakeholders. Working in an agile environment, I also led the application development team in defining and implementing the designs and user experience to ensure the successful execution of the UX designs.